MV Carnival Spirit

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MV Carnival Spirit

Permanently based in Sydney


A magnificent view of the Carnival Sprit as she arrived in Sydney on her maiden arrival to Sydney on October 17, 2012

Her decks were packed with passengers as she arrived on a perfect day, having had the ultimate cruise vacation!

All Photographs on this page were provided by Carnival Cruises Australia

The 88,500-ton MV Carnival Spirit sails year round from Sydney and she is a ship in fine shape, having recently received an extensive refit having been “Australianised.” Her refit did include some massive new outdoor features, one of the biggest ever to be constructed being a multi level splash park known as Carnival “WaterWorks.™” It has a massive 10 metre almost vertical drop. This is the ships brand new feature and a first for any ship, but it was added especially for Australia. This will be the very first time that a Carnival Cruises has based one of their ships permanently outside of North America, proving that the cruise industry in Australia is becoming one of the largest and fastest growing in the world!

The first slide is located high up the ship and it is called “Green Thunder” being water slide being fully enclosed, but it commences with a 10 metre close-to-vertical drop and it then heads over the side of the ship and this will have you flying at 65km/h and it then will come to a sudden conclusion. On the deck where it ends, there is also a huge water bucket drop that is located up high on the deck, which is very popular, and then you can always continue down on the yellow twister water slide into the aft pool down on Lido Deck, all this is part of Carnivals wonderful WaterWorks.™ In addition there is also a mini water slide for the little ones, who are not permitted to use the big slides!

AS you can see here the great height of Carnival WaterWorks™ Green Thunder, but the vertical drop is out of sight

The bend actually goes over the ocean, although it is hard to see this from this image


WaterWorks™, Green Thunder, the giant water bucket and the littlies mini slide


 The three deck high Yellow super twister water slide


The amidships “Fantail Pool” and Lido deck


The “Fantail Pool” seen at night whilst the ship was in port

As the Carnival Spirit will be the largest cruise ship sailing from Australia year round, she will offer a huge range of onboard facilities and features, in addition some two-thirds of its cabins have a private balcony, being the most of any Australian-based cruise ship.

There is no doubt that Carnival Spirit will be aimed at fun-loving Australians who are seeking an active, vibrant cruise vacation that has a broad diversity of on-board choices of entertainment, sports, pools and of course bars. The Carnival Spirit certainly offers huge outdoor areas for fun, including the 22-metre corkscrew water slide, as well as not just one or two - no there are four swimming pools on the Carnival Spirit. Then there is a miniature golf course, a jogging track and a sport court. Passengers have their choice of 16 lounges and bars, including the massive 1,170-seat three deck high Pharaoh’s Palace Theatre.

The multi-level Pharaoh’s Palace Theatre for spectacular shows


It’s Showtime!

In addition to the huge two-level main Empire Dining Room, Carnival Spirit also features a reservations-only optional Nouveau Steakhouse and the ever-popular casual Lido Buffet Restaurant. The ship also operates the “Carnival Spa”, which is a two-level health spa that has wrap-around ocean views. Below there is the delightful Chippendale Library and Internet caf. The heart of the ship is the towering ten deck high Spirit Atrium and its lobby at the bottom there is a bar and lounge, as well as three glass lifts shooting high up the ship. In all, she has twelve passenger decks and the atrium stretches over ten of them

The two-level French inspired Empire Restaurant has a rather busy feel about it, but is a pleasant venue


The Lido Buffet Restaurant, where you can eat in or around the pool decks


The optional Nouveau Steakhouse with its huge glass dome ceiling and mural – this room is very ornate


The Spirit Atrium Lobby has a bar and lounge area


The Atrium and its glass lifts

A Panamax-Max ship:

The MV Carnival Spirit was built by Kvaerner Masa Ship Yards in Helsinki, Finland and she was the first of a series of ships that is known as the “Panamax-Max” size cruise ships. The reason for this name is that she was especially designed to fit through the Panamanian locks and thus able her to sail through the Panama Canal. When she was completed and officially named she soon headed off on her maiden voyage and became a much loved cruise ship. However when she was transferred to Australia she was given an extensive refurbishment and received many exiting new features just for the Australian market!

A great ship arrives in one of the most popular cities offering many superb sights!


Relax out on deck or take in a quiz, play sports, go to for a swim, enjoy a movie, have a drink with new friends. Now that is a real holiday!

Entertainment, Recreation & Passenger Decks:

Deck 1 (Riviera Deck) there is the Versailles (show) Lounge and it seats 320 guests. This is the venue for guest artists, comedians and concerts, etc.

Deck 2 (Promenade Deck) and Deck 3 (Atlantic Deck) contain most of the ships main public rooms. The lobby houses two grand staircases, as well as a Bar and dance floor. There is also an information and Tour Deck. For the gambler there is always the Louis XIV Casino that has its own Casino Bar complete with a bandstand. The room also features big-screen televisions and tabletop gaming machines. In front of this venue is the spacious and very popular Club Cool Jazz Bar. There is the ever-popular Monarch Card for those who love their game of Bridge, of their game of choice, and then up front there is the massive Pharaoh’s Palace Theatre for the grand production shows. This is the main show lounge and it stretches over three decks, seating some 1,170 passengers. In the atrium area you will also find the reception and excursion desks, the spirit lobby bar (seating 123). Further aft is the lower floor of the Empire Restaurant, which is constructed in a French 19th-century style, which stretches over two decks and seats some 1,300 guests, as well as 86 guests in a separate annex restaurant called the Napoleon Room.

Deck 3 (Atlantic Deck) in front of the main dining room's upper level, is the conference room, seating some 60 guests as well as the Foyer Lounge. Beyond the Atrium is the Fashion Boulevard and shopping gallery.

Deck 4 (Main Deck) is a passenger cabin deck. It also contains the uppermost level of the theatre is situated far forward, beyond which there is a large video gaming room for the youth called Techno Arcade.

Deck 5 (Upper Deck) is a passenger cabin deck, which leads on to the children's playroom - the Fun House.

Decks 6 (Empress Deck), 7 (Veranda Deck) and 8 (Panorama Deck) are passenger cabin decks. However, at the head of deck 8 is the ship's Bridge, with the senior officers’ staterooms adjacent.

Deck 9 (Lido/Pool Deck) incorporates two large swimming pools and two Jacuzzis in the central pool area there is a sliding glass dome over one pool and the other open air. The popular Canopy Bar is located between the pools.

Deck 10 (Sun Deck) Here you will find a large multi-function/aerobic area as well as a Lido area.

Deck 11 (Sports deck) is an open deck with a jogging track. Aft is the huge “Green Thunder” water slide that has a massive fully enclosed 10-metre close-to-vertical drop and then heads over the side of the ship and comes to a conclusion. There is also a huge water bucket drop up high and a mini slide for the small ones! You can continue with the yellow twister water slide down a deck into the aft pool, all this is part of Carnivals WaterWorks.™

Deck 12 (Sky Deck) Surrounding the atrium is the ship’s observation balcony.

The Louis XIV Casino


This is the Club Cool Jazz Bar


Fashion Boutiques and Shopping Centre


This is the Teen-Club


Staterooms vary from value for money inside rooms to ocean view, to balcony or even suites and penthouses. It all depend on what you feel like spending on your vacation, and whatever you spend will also mean the size and facility in your chosen accommodation as can be seen in the images below. Of the 1,062 staterooms, some 849 (80%) are outside and thus have an ocean view, whilst 750 (70%) have balconies, which is more than any other cruise ship based in Australia. Suites and Penthouses are located on decks 1, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. These include six Penthouse suites which are 36m. On deck 7 there are 44 suites of 27m, and 8e demi Suites of 22m and others between 15m to 18m in size. Just as a note: her passenger accommodation, even for her good size of 88,000-tons, is reasonably sizable considering she will accommodate around 2,680 passengers, when you consider that the very much larger 122,000-ton MV Celebrity Solstice only accommodates an additional 170 passengers to the Carnival Spirit, but then she is a good 33,500-tons larger and that difference is even bigger than the average British P&O passenger liners of yesteryear, such as the SS Oronsay, which was 27,632-tons, and was built back in 1951 with some 1,400 passengers. How days have changed! The cabins certainly have, now you have a settee and bright and airy cabins with indirect lighting, private facilities in every room and every possible mod con that you could wish for to have a perfect ocean-going vacation!

A typical inside stateroom showing a twin bedded layout, however it can also be made up with a queen size bed if requested


Outside queen size bed stateroom, that can also be made up as a twin bedded configuration if requested


Interconnecting cabins are available, perfect for families!


Balcony stateroom with a queen size bed, that can also be made up as a twin bedded configuration if requested


This is one of the special balcony “Spa staterooms” that have additional facilities

Again can be made up with a queen or twin beds


A Suite with a King size bed, that can also be made up as a twin bedded configuration if requested


The Penthouse with a King size bed, that can also be made up as a twin bedded configuration if requested

A full deck plan is available and a link is located at the bottom of the page.

For the mechanical minded – Propulsion:

MV Carnival Spirit has diesel-electric machinery, consisting of six Wrtsil 9L46D diesel engines with a total power of 62,370kW, each connected to an ABB alternator that provides electricity to the ship's main electric network at 11KV 60HZ,three phase. Power from the main switchboard is supplied to the ships 440V switchboards via three transformers to serve auxiliary machinery and all the ships services. A separate MG-stabilised power system supplies lighting and small consumer needs.

The ships Engines

From the author’s collection

Her propulsion consists of two azimuthing electric “Azipod” propulsion units, with a power of 17.6 MW each. Carnival Spirit has three 1.91 MW tunnel thrusters in the bow. Her service speed is 22 knots and has a maximum of 24 knots. Tonnage: 85,900 GRT (Gross Registered Tons) - Length: 292.5m - Width: 32.2m - Draught: 7.8m – Sister ships - Spirit Class = Carnival Spirit 2001, Carnival Pride 2001, Carnival Legend 2002 & Carnival Miracle 2004.

The lower forward section of her funnel is made of red glass as under it is the multi level Nouveau Restaurant

From the author’s collection


View a detailed Carnival Spirit Deck Plan


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