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One of the most Remarkable and Advanced luxury Cruise Ships in the World Today

Introducing the Celebrity Solstice: 

The superb 122,000 Gross Registered Ton (GRT) MV Celebrity Solstice was the first of a series of five revolutionary ships to be built at the famed German Meyer Werft Ship Yards. She was completed and once she was delivered she departed on her maiden voyage from the Netherlands on November 23, 2008. Four sister’s ships followed rapidly after her, these being the MV Celebrity Equinox, Celebrity EclipseCelebrity Silhouette and the Celebrity Reflection entering into service in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 respectively.

‘The’ Celebrity Solstice is seen berthed at the “Overseas Passenger Terminal” at Circular Quay across from the Sydney Opera House

Photograph provided by Celebrity Cruises

Since this fine cruise ship first arrived in Australian waters, she has been received with great enthusiasm by Australian cruise lovers and I have received, to say the least an overwhelming response! Amazingly there have even been a good number of reports from friends who are staunch supporters of the classic ships and cruise ships, just as I am of course, and they were delighted with the ship and their cruise experience! In addition, they all agreed that the Celebrity Solstice is without a doubt a: “Ship of Tomorrow” and I was told; “Reuben, this is not just ship that is extremely well built, but her overall design is without a doubt magnificent to in every possible way!” She has been rated by those who have contacted me as being to 6 Stars and my writers made it very clear that they “could not fault her, including the service or the wonderful cuisine on board! Thus, knowing this Cruise Company so very well, in fact from its very beginnings, as I knew the original owner before the company was sold to Royal Caribbean International, you can be assured that the superb Celebrity Solstice will again be a huge success as she sails out of Sydney during the summer months between October to April annually in 2015 and 2016 and she is also scheduled to return again for the 2016 and 2017 season!


The Celebrity Solstice is one of the finest luxury ships at sea today, therefore it is no wonder that as a ship sailing in Australasian and Pacific waters she is full of amazing “firsts.” She was the very first ship ever to feature an actual Lawn Club at sea as well as the first “Hot Glass Show”SM. Celebrity Cruises was the first company to have 5 Ladies, who are also known as “the Leading Ladies”SM to redesign and completely redecorate the ships Suites and all the Staterooms.

There are many other things that set the Celebrity Solstice cruise apart and that include its superb range of excellent specialty restaurants. Celebrity is known for its passion for outstanding cuisine and thus the ships restaurants, the fine cuisine and the overall dining experience is raised to a whole new level in the cruising world.

The finest of them all the sublime Murano’s Restaurant

However, Staterooms and Specialty Restaurants are only part of this great ship's amazing charm for the Celebrity Solstice also has the the famed “Canyon Ranch SpaClub® and fitness center, where you can pamper yourself with spa treatments or push yourself in a workout with one of our trainers. If only life on land was as good as life is on board the Celebrity Solstice?

Special Features on Celebrity Solstice:

Foyer & Atrium: The Solstice has without a doubt one of the grandest 12 deck Atriums that has ever been seen on any cruise ship before. What is so amazing that unlike so many ships it is not over the top and gaudy and although it is very modern and elegant, with so many unique features that has never been seen before. Obvious her designers have created very special spaces throughout the Atrium, from the Grand Foyer below, to the wonderful Card Room on deck 9 overlooking the Atrium as well as the two deck high Library on decks 10 and 11. There are so many special and other wonderful places that can be found when you are on the ship!

The Grand Foyer seen just after she was completed


The 12 deck Atrium with the tree root sculpture by Bert Rodriguez



Above & below: The unusual space known as The Hidaway





The Library up on Decks 10 and 11

Solstice Theatre (Deck 3-5) - The state-of-the-art theatre on the Celebrity Solstice offers seating for 1,095 guests. It has been designed in such a way that on each of her levels the best possible view of the stage is possible. The theatre has the most sophisticated stage equipment with the best sound system. The lower machinery consists of a turning platform. Additionally some six lifts have been installed which can be operated up to the stage level. The upper machinery comprises a total of 11 rails, three of which are dedicated to effect lighting and eight to operating the curtains. All systems are computer-controlled and can be operated from various positions.


Above & below: Two very different views of the Solstice Theatre


Grand Epernay Dining Room (Deck 3/4) – This remarkable two level restaurant has seating available for up to 1,429 guests and it is one of the largest rooms on the ship.


Above & below: The Grand Epernay Dining Room looks better in reality than in any photograph for the massive crystal chandelier

has to be seen to be believed, as does the aft huge gleaming metal waterfall like sculpture that hides the wine cellar tower



Inside the extensive, temperature controlled wine cellar tower

This magnificent venue is extended over two decks. The passengers enter the restaurant via stairs made of glass or via the lifts. Some of the highlights of this restaurant are clearly the wine tower made of steel and glass, the two story curved ornamented pillars and that massive crystal chandelier having a diameter of 10 metres.

Solarium and Aqua Spa (Deck 12) - The indoor Solarium pool area has a high glass dome over it, with a number of Jacuzzis and other special facilities making this a true Oasis to relax in and not just when the weather may be somewhat poor.


Above & below: Two views of Solarium Pool


Forward of the Solarium is the amazing Canyon Ranch SpaClub and its popular Persian Spa and its many other facilities including the ladies and men’s hairdressers, etc! Of course that is an extensive Gym and Fitness Centre and you can take part in Aerobics sessions, or a stretch session as well as various other activities being available. There is a spiral stairwell that goes down from the SpaClub to the “Relaxation Lounge that overlooks the bow of the ship on Deck 11.

Entrance to the Canyon Ranch SpaClub


The very popular Persian Spa


The forward facing of the Fitness Centre (the Gym)

The Lawn Club (Deck 15) - The amazing Lawn Club is located topside offers a good 2,130 sqm actual lawn. A type of grass especially grown for this ship (Agrostis Stalonifera) and it creates a very special atmosphere. In this area you will also find the delightful Patio on the Lawn, as well as the Sunset Bar, the Hot Glass Show and the Lawn Club Shop can be found. Here the passengers can also play boccia as well as croquet.

The Lawn Club can be clearly seen from this fine aerial view of the Celebrity Solstice




The Lawn Club is unique to the Solstice and her sisters, and this grass is tended to each and every single day!


Only on a Celebrity Solstice in Australia can you see a hot glass blowing show and then buy pieces if you wish

However, the above is just what may be a teaser, for this ship has a feast of amazing Lounges and superb dining venues! View the Photo Gallery below and enjoy the wonders of one of the most amazing cruise ships ever to be based in Australia, the luxurious MV Celebrity Solstice!

Photo Gallery:

The Solstice is seen in the evening at anchor


The Sky Observation Lounge far forward on Deck 14




The ever-popular Café al Baccio Gelateria for a Barista Coffee, a snack, even a delicious Gelato Ice Cream

Starboard at the Atrium Deck 5


The elegant Michaels Club for a fine Cognac

Deck 5 portside somewhat aft


The Martini Bar - This is where the perfect martini is made in various ways!


The ever-popular Passport Bar, where no Passport is required!

Starboard side Grand Foyer Deck 3


Silk Harvest Restaurant is the perfect haven for an offering of the perfect Asian Cuisine

Located starboard side aft on Deck 5


The delightful Italian Tuscan Grille

Located along the aft of the ship on Deck 5 offering fine views of her wake


Aerial view of the ships topside aft pools



Above & below: a long pool with a bridge across it in the middle

Located amidships deck 12




Above & below: the Oceanview Café and the aft Terrace



Sports Court, forward Deck 15


In Conclusion:

On this page I have only been able to provide you with just a glimpse of what is in reality one of the finest ships based in Australian waters during the summer months, and thus I highly recommend a cruise on the Celebrity Solstice for all who love a ocean vacation in style and are looking for some adventure with exciting South Pacific, Asian and New Zealand ports between now and 2017 whist she cruises each year during October and April. Of course there are also some exciting Trans Pacific voyages available from Sydney to Vancouver or return visiting a range of Pacific Islands and Hawaii at the beginning and conclusion of the seasons.

MV Celebrity Millennium 2016:

The elegant MV Celebrity Millennium

Photograph © Celebrity Cruises

During 2016 the Solstice will be joined by the 2,138 passenger, 91,963-ton MV Celebrity Millennium, which will operate a 29/31 night cruise from Hong Kong to Brisbane or Sydney on February 28, 2016. Alternatively the cruise can be taken out of Singapore for 13/15 nights pending your destination. From Brisbane or Sydney departing Sydney on March 29, 2016 she will then operate a 26/28 night Trans-Pacific voyage to Vancouver and each of the aforementioned cruises have an excellent variety of exciting ports to make the voyage one of discovery!

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The Solstice Accommodations & Deck Plan

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